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EndNote Desktop: EndNote for Systematic Reviews

Information on how to use many of the tools and features in EndNote, a tool that can help you store and organize citation information and format bibliographies and papers.

Using EndNote for Systematic Reviews

Sharing your Endnote Library

If you're working with other researchers on a review, you may need to share your EndNote library.

If you want to perform blind screening of references then library sharing will not be suitable as you can see the changes made by others. Blind screening can either take place in separate EndNote libraries or you can consider using screening software instead. 

Removing Duplicates

To remove duplicate references:

  1. In the Groups panel in the left column, click on All References to display all the references in your library.
  2. From the menu bar, select References > Find Duplicates.
  3. If you have duplicate references in your library, the Find Duplicates dialog box will appear.  For each set of duplicates, you have the following options:
    • Click Keep This Record to save the preferred reference and discard the other in the trash.
    • Click Skip to leave both references in the library. The references will be placed in a temporary Duplicate References group for later review.

Importing Citations into Covidence

Systematic Review Workflow with EndNote