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EndNote Desktop: Adding References to A Library

Information on how to use many of the tools and features in EndNote, a tool that can help you store and organize citation information and format bibliographies and papers.

Importing References

To import references in a plain-text file, data in the file must be tagged in machine-readable format.

• Click the File tab; then click Import  - File.

• Browse to select the text file.

• Select the Import Option (filter) that matches the database where you created the file.

• Select the group for imported references.

• Click Import.

Importing References from PubMed

Using the Capture Reference Tool

You can save references directly from your browser into EndNote Online or EndNote Desktop through the Capture Reference bookmarklet. The Download Installers link from the EndNote Online page gives full details.

Capture Reference

The Capture Reference bookmarklet scans the bibliographic information presented on a Web page and create a reference that you can save to a new or existing group. If no group is specified, the reference is saved to Unfiled.

For the Capture buttons to work best, you must be in a Capture compatible resource and at the individual item level (not in a list of citations). List of Capture Compatible Sources

To capture a reference:

  1. Navigate to the Web page that presents bibliographic data. (Refer to the list of Capture Compatible Sources)
  2. Click the Capture button in the EndNote Online toolbar or the Capture References bookmarklet button.
  3. Complete or modify any of the reference fields.
  4. Click the Save to button and select EndNote Online. Alternately, select EndNote to save the reference to your library in EndNote Desktop.
  5. Select the ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper to open the file if prompted.
  6. Select the EndNote Library if prompted. (only when capturing to EndNote Desktop)

Note: Be aware that some Web sites alter the URL during your session. Changing the record view can have this effect.

Importing PDF files