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Labor and Employment Law Research Guide

The following select West Virginia agencies specialize in Labor and Employment issues. The general public can access all sources via free web links provided. View listings and contact information for all West Virginia agencies at the West Virginia agency directory.

West Virginia Division of Labor 

The West Virginia Division of Labor is a multi-faceted and diverse agency that provides assistance to every business, consumer, employee and resident in West Virginia

Wage and Hour Section 

The Wage and Hour Section of the West Virginia Division of Labor is responsible for the enforcement of state wage payment laws, minimum wage and overtime requirements, child labor, verifying the legal employment status of workers, state wage bond requirements, and more.

West Virginia Equal Employment Opportunity Office 

The West Virginia Equal Employment Opportunity Office assists all state agencies in mediating or investigating allegations of unlawful workplace harassment or discrimination based upon protected class, and provides useful, up-to-date trainings for all West Virginia employees on identifying, preventing, and eliminating workplace harassment and discrimination, and more.  

West Virginia Human Rights Commission 

The West Virginia Human Rights Commission investigates and adjudicates discrimination complaints in the areas of employment, housing and places of public accommodation.  As a part of its mission, the Human Rights Commission strives to eliminate discrimination throughout the state of West Virginia and to educate the public on the West Virginia Human Rights Act and West Virginia Fair Housing Act, which protect them from unlawful discrimination in their housing choices, places of employment, and places of public accommodation.

WorkForce West Virginia 

WorkForce West Virginia is a state government agency funded through the U.S. Department of Labor that oversees the state unemployment insurance program as well as a network of workforce development services designed to provide West Virginia's citizens and employers the opportunity to compete in today’s competitive global economy.