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Congressional Record

The Congressional Record is a record of the proceedings of Congress. It is published daily when one or both chambers of Congress is in session.

Daily Record

Bound Record

Journal of the House of Representatives

The Journal is the official record of proceedings of each legislative day in the House of Representatives. The Journal records the result of every vote, and state in general terms the subject of it; therefore, the recorded votes on amendments occurring in the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union are recorded in the Journal, but not the proceedings.

Journal of the Senate

The Journal should be seen as the minutes of floor action. It notes the matters considered by the Senate and the votes and other actions taken. It does not record the actual debates.

Roll Call Votes

A vote in which each senator votes "yea" or "nay" as his or her name is called by the clerk, so that the names of senators voting on each side are recorded.

Floor Schedules and Calendars

Calendar and schedules of activities and lists of legislation at various stages in the legislative process. Senate calendar, the Executive Calendar, concerns executive business (treaties and nominations) of the Senate.

Congressional Directory

The Congressional Directory is the official directory of the U.S. Congress, prepared by the Joint Committee on Printing (JCP). It contains:

  • Short biographies of each member of the Senate and House, listed by state or district.
  • Committee memberships, terms of service, administrative assistants and/or secretaries, and room and telephone numbers for Members of Congress.
  • Lists officials of the courts, military establishments, and other Federal departments and agencies, including D.C. government officials, governors of states and territories, foreign diplomats, and members of the press, radio, and television galleries.