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Ask A Librarian

Books: challenged, banned, and burned

Researching and tracing trends and events

What can I do?

What you can do

  • Exercise your reading rights
  • Check out a banned book
  • Encourage your book club to read banned books
  • Buy, read, and share banned books
  • Write a letter to a favorite banned author
  • Write to your legislators
  • Serve on your local public library board
  • Vote for or serve on your board of education
  • Write a letter to the editor
  • Brush up on banned book history

Support and reporting

Challenge support and reporting

Teaching resources

Support and guidelines from the American Library Association

American Library Association

American Library Association (ALA) Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF) Sources


  • Condemns censorship and works to ensure free access to information
  • Reports that 82-97% of book challenges remain unreported and receive no media
  • Maintains a database on challenged materials, informed by media reports and reports submitted by individuals

Intellectual Freedom at the American Library Association