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Research Data Management

This guide will assist researchers in planning for the various stages of managing their research data and in preparing data management plans required with funding proposals.

NIH-GEN DMSP (forthcoming 2023) template.

If using the DMPTool to write your NIH Data Management and Sharing Plan, please select the NIH-GEN DMSP (forthcoming 2023) template. The NIH-FDP Pilot Templates do not have WVU, or DMPTool guidance at this time. 


The DMPTool is a free, open source, online resource that helps researchers create data management plans. The WVU Libraries, Research Office, Office of Sponsored Programs will use  DMPTool. to provide custom guidance, general information about WVU data resources, and review of your research data management and sharing plans. 

The DMPTool includes updated funder requirements, with 41 publicly available templates that can be accessed by anyone. There are many benefits to using this tool to create and manage DMPs.  If you log in through the WVU SSO, you will also be able to access WVU private templates and custom guidance, which we are currently developing as well as request feedback on your Data Management and Sharing Plan.

Some funders, such as the National Science Foundation, will begin to require a digital or machine-readable/actionable DMP which the DMPTool is capable of generating.   


Creating a DMPTool Account

Go to the DMPTool

If you have previously used DMPTool after entering your WVU affiliated email account in the Sign in / Sign up" box and click "Continue." You should see an option to login through the SSO as shown below. If you are not seeing the SSO option please check your account information and make sure that West Virginia University ( is selected as your institution and that you are using a WVU affiliated email account.

If this is the first time your are using DMPTool enter a WVU affiliated email address (;; and click Continue 

Fill out the account information including creating a password (use one other than your WVU account password)

and make sure to select West Virginia University ( as your institution and click Sign up

This will take you to the WVU DMPTool landing page. In the upper-right hand corner click on your name and use the drop down menu to select 3rd party applications

DMPTool 3rd party applications drop down menu

Click the "Link to your institutional credentials" 

You will then be promoted to login through the SSO, or if you have already logged in on the web browser you will see the SSO login briefly run.

The next time you login to DMPTool you will see the option  "Sign in with Institution (SSO)"