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Research Data Management

This guide will assist researchers in planning for the various stages of managing their research data and in preparing data management plans required with funding proposals.


NCBI's Science Expert Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is a research profile system for the creation of biographical sketches, primarily for grant applications. Increasingly it is a requirement to use a SciENcv created the biosketch for government grants across agencies.  SciENcv allows users to automatically pull data from outside sources like NCBI's My Bibliography and ORCiD to add publications and other accomplishments to biosketches.

Agencies requiring or recommending the use of SciENcv or approved template include:

  • NSF
  • NIH
  • DoE, Office of Science
  • IES

Getting Started with SciENcv

In order to access SciENcv, users must be able to access NCBI. There are several way to establish an NCBI account, including through; eRA Commons, NIH Account, and ORCID iD. Using eRA Commons or ORCiD to login automatically imports your  profile information from those systems. You can also connect your ORCID iD, eRA Commons, NSF account in SciENcv if you aren't using it to login. 

After logging in or when creating a new BioSketch you can link your SciENcv account to your NIH, eRA, NSF accounts as needed. 

Below are two short videos the first one is about creating a BioSketch using SciENcv and the second on is about integrating your ORCID iD. Additional videos and other support materials can be found on the SciENcv Help page