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APA 7th Edition Citation Style Guide

A quick guide to using APA citation style

Article or Page from a Website

Use the web source category when no other source category (eg. blog post, journal article, newspaper article, book) fits a work. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias and dictionaries should be cited as reference works.   

Create a reference for each page or article you use from a website. If you mention an entire website in general, no reference is needed, only include the URL in-text parentheses. 

General Rule:

Author. (Last updated date, if no date use n.d.). Title of page. Name of Website. http://www.xxxxx


Group Author: 

 American Psychological Association. (2012). Ethics.

Note: When the group author name is the same as the website, you do not need to include the name of the website. 

Individual Author: 

Rowan, L (2019, December 17) Our most popular money advice for 2019. Lifehacker.

Social Media

Only cite original content from social media sites, such as posts, images, or videos. Cite the original source of any linked content.  

General Rule:

Author, A. A. [username]. (Year, month, day). Content of the post up to the first 20 words [Description of audiovisuals]. Site Name. Retrieved Month day, year, from URL

  • Include hashtags, links, and emojis
  • If you are unable to replicate emoji, give the emoji's name in square brackets. The full list of emoji names is available at
  • Shortened URLS are acceptable for long links



WVU Libraries [@wvuLibraries]. (2020, January 13).  Before the PRT, did you know that Morgantown used to

have streetcars? Here is one on the corner of Pleasant [Photo attached] [Tweet]. Twitter.

Facebook post:

WVU Libraries. (2020, January 15). The Local to Global Film Series is on hiatus in January, but we’ve put

together a list of a few [Thumb-nail with link attached]. Facebook.