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BCOR 299: Business Communication

Course guide for BCOR 299: Business Communications

Researching Publicly-traded Companies

Publicly-traded companies are relatively easy to research because they release financial and operational reports to the public on a regular basis, as required by the SEC. The databases in this section focus on information about public companies. 

Search by your company's name or its stock ticker symbol.

Researching Privately-held Companies

Private companies are often difficult to research because they are not legally required to release information about their finances or operations since they do not have stockholders. These are the best library databases for private company research. Several track only private companies. If you cannot find what you're looking for, try searching for the company name in one of the business article databases in the next box.

Company Information in the News

You can find information on brands, ad campaigns, mergers, market share and more in trade and business magazines. 

Combine key words, for example: "taco bell" AND advertising to create a focused search.