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Ask A Librarian

Faculty Services Guide: WVU College of Law


e-TOC Alerts from HeinOnline

e-TOC alerts from HeinOnline deliver tables of contents by email at the time a new issue is added to the HeinOnline law journal library.  Using a MyHein account, you may customize your alerts for the publications important to your teaching and scholarship.  Because the alerts come directly from HeinOnline, the full text of the new issue is immediately available to you. 

The video below demonstrates how to set up a MyHein Alert.  A law librarian is available to help set up eTOC alerts or to manage your eTOC alerts on your behalf.  

Current Index to Legal Periodicals 

An email service containing the weekly CILP edition is available to all interested faculty members. More than 2,500 professors and lawyers receive CILP each week, which provides timely topical access to over 570 legal publications, four to six weeks before the publications appear in other commercial indexes.  Email Stephanie Miller at to sign up for CILP alerts.