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Open Licenses for sharing your work

Balancing the rights of creators and users. Open licenses grant users some permissions to use and distribute a work, permission not granted by the default "all rights reserved" of copyright.

WVU Office of General Counsel

"The Office of General Counsel provides quality legal advice, guidance, and service in support of West Virginia University’s mission.

The Office of General Counsel provides advice and counsel to University administrators, faculty, and staff members only when they are acting within the scope of their employment with the University.  The Office of General Counsel does not provide legal advice or representation to administrators, faculty, and staff members of the University community on matters of a personal nature or on matters adverse to the interests of the University.  Accordingly, there are no separate attorney-client relationships established with individual administrators, faculty, and staff members.  "

Please see the Office of General Councils FAQ for additional information about what types of legal questions they can assist you with


BOG Governance Rule 1.5 Intellectual Property Rule for Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Rights

Responsible Unit:  Research Office; University Relations

In general Employees (Faculty including emeritus, staff, post-docs) or Students (undergraduate, graduate) shall retain copyright in scholarly, pedagogical, or artistic works, including, without limitation, textbooks, papers, journal articles, dissertations, novels, poems, musical compositions, works of popular nonfiction, dramatic works and other works of artistic expression, but not including computer software, to the extent such works are not Institutional Works.