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GLAM: Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

GLAM is an acronym for "galleries, libraries, archives, and museums", and refers to cultural institutions with a mission to provide access to knowledge.

The L in GLAM: Libraries as Strategic Art Venues through the West Virginia University Art in the Libraries Program

Art + Feminism

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Art+Feminism builds a community of activists that is committed to closing information gaps related to gender, feminism, and the arts, beginning with Wikipedia.

Art and Feminism (stylized as Art+Feminism) is an annual worldwide edit-a-thon to add content to Wikipedia about female artists. The project, founded by Siân Evans, Jacqueline Mabey, Michael Mandiberg, and Laurel Ptak, has been described as "a massive multinational effort to correct a persistent bias in Wikipedia, which is disproportionately written by and about men".

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