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Topics and sources

Sources for references to add to articles

Suggested sources to explore for Amplifying Appalachia topics  

Appalachian Studies Web Resources

Many sources including online magazines, digitized collections, online encyclopedias, and more

Appalachian bibliography  

Locate an article or book of interest in this guide. If you have trouble finding the content/full-text, ask-a-librarian for assistance.  

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 1994-2012

  • PDF version Best for viewing the entire document. Use the Find and Search functions to word-search or phrase-search. 
  • HTML version: Best for browsing by subject.

Appalachian Studies Bibliography 2013-June 2016

  • PDF version Best for viewing the entire document. Use the Find and Search functions to word-search or phrase-search.
  • HTML version: Best for browsing by subject.

Biographies and news for writing about people


Edit articles to improve the quality by removing issues listed as needing clean up such as

  • Citation required
  • Personal reflection or opinion essay
  • Feelings
  • Original research

Add a link to an archive

Locate a collection description in an archival finding aid or library catalog and link to it


Denise Giardina 

Breece D'J Pancake

A way to locate a notable person's papers is to search for them online using a search string like:

name archive


name papers

like this:

bell hooks archives


nikki giovanni papers

  1. locate a page in an archival finding aid
    1. example
  2. look for "cite this page" "how to cite" or a share link with cite as an option
    1. use this citation format
  3. locate place within the existing Wikipedia article where a reference to the location of the papers/archive makes sense
  4. check to see if the location has its own Wikipedia page and, if there are no other links to it on the page, include it in your edit

Add links to a page's categories

Category:LGBT people from West Virginia is an example of a category page

if you find a person with a page and it belongs in a category page, adding improves access 

you can edit the person's page in the category area at the foot of their page and edit the category page to add the person