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Microforms in the Downtown Library: Microfiche

Guide to viewing and copying microforms on the second floor of the WVU Downtown Library

What is Microfiche?

Microfiche utilizes photographic cards to store reproductions of printed material in flat sheets. The volume of information per sheet is typically less compared to a microfilm reel.

- When you open a drawer and look down at it, the contents of each drawer begins in the lower left corner and proceeds forward (front to back) by designation. For example, date, number, call number, title, or Superintendent of Documents (sudoc) number.

- When that row concludes the numbering picks up at the front of the drawer in the next row to the right and continues to the back. The next drawer below it continues this pattern. The arrangement proceeds to the right and then snakes around the cabinets in an “S” shape.   

Periodical and Government Publication Microfiche

- Microfiche is first in the long rows of cabinets following the microfilm. It starts at the top left drawer. For safety, only one drawer in a column will open at a time. If a drawer will not open, try your strength because they are heavy. If it is really stuck, be sure that all the other drawers in that column are pushed all the way in.


The Downtown Campus Library serves as the state's Federal Depository for Government Publications, including those found in microform format

LAC Ultrafiche

- The Library of American Civilization (LAC) is a collection of materials on microfiche relating to all aspects of American life and literature from their beginnings to the outbreak of World War I. Included in the collection are pamphlets, periodicals, documents, biographies and autobiographies, fictional works, poetry, collections of various kinds, materials of foreign origin relating to America, and many rare books not generally available.


Microfiche located in this collection will have "LAC" appear in the call number.