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Legal Research for Scholarly Writing


Legal Research for Scholarly Writing

January 2024

Intro discussion

5 minutes

Getting organized 

10 minutes

Expanding sources beyond case law and statutes

Secondary sources
Legislative histories 
Interdisciplinary sources

15 minutes

Advanced tools for searching

15 minutes

Ask for help and questions

5 minutes

Legal Research Plan and Research Log templates


Download templates for a legal research plan and research log that may be edited or to suit a research strategy or personal preference.

Tools to Organize Your Research

Zotero is a free, open source bibliographic management tool.  It works with a desktop app and a browser extension.  Use the browser extension (best in Firefox or Chrome) to save sources that you find online to collections in the Zotero app.  Juris-M is an adaptation of Zotero that improves how sources are saved for legal information, especially primary sources from platforms like Westlaw and Lexis.  This guide is an introduction to using Zotero/Juris-M for legal research: