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COMM 104

This guide is designed to help COMM 104 students do research for the written persuasive appeal assignment. It will also help you develop research skills you can use in all of your classes.

Communication Librarian

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Catherine Fonseca

Statistical Literacy

What are statistics? Statistics are your place for quick numbers.  They answer the questions "how much" or "how many." Statistics often appear as: 

  • Tables, charts, or graphs
  • Numbers or percentages reported in a document

Remember! Statistics are the results of data analysis, and have therefore already been interpreted. So don't always take statistics at face value.  Consider the source and method used to create the statistic.

Start your research here:

Search for more sources:



Search Tips

  • Use Key Words not full sentences
  •  2-4 single words or short terms are best
  • Put words that should stay together in quotes (i.e. "Stand your ground" law)
  • Use the filters on the left of your search results to narrow your results