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COMM 104: Fundamentals of Public Communication

This guide is designed to help COMM 104 students do research for the written persuasive appeal assignment.


Get Citation Guidance

Please see my detailed APA guide for examples of how to cite your references:

APA Citation Style Guide

APA In-text Citation Basics:

1) Use a citation every time you use someone else's words, thoughts, arguments, ideas, data, or research.

2) Insert the citation in the paragraph or sentence where you used other's ideas, words, etc...

3) Add a full citation to your references list for every source cited in your paper. 

In-text citations can be in parentheses at the end of a sentence: 

or incorporated into a sentence:

When you use a direct quotation, include page numbers in your citation: 


* examples from: Beins, B. (2012). APA Style Simplified: Writing in Psychology, Education, Nursing, and Sociology. Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons.