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United States Supreme Court Law Clinic at WVU Law

Sources that provide docket information and filings (e.g., complaints, motions, and briefs) for federal and limited state cases. Included is Bloomberg Law's "Dockets," which pulls information and filings from PACER, and the U.S. Supreme Court's docket page. 

I. Bloomberg Law - Dockets

Bloomberg Law - Dockets 

Bloomberg Law's "Dockets" provides federal and limited state docket information and filings (e.g., motions and briefs), as pulled from PACER. All fees are waived for document requests on Dockets. For training materials on how to use Dockets, see this LibGuide's "Training Sources" tab.

II. U.S. Supreme Court Website - Docket Search

U.S. Supreme Court Website - Docket Search   

The U.S. Supreme Court Website's "Docket Search" provides docket information and filings for Supreme Court cases. Coverage begins in 2001.