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United States Supreme Court Law Clinic at WVU Law

Current awareness sources for the U.S. Supreme Court, including premier news sources, blogs, audio recordings, and other sources of expert commentary. 

I. United States Law Week 

United States Law Week 

U.S. Law Week as available on Bloomberg Law. U.S. Law Week is a premier news source that provides U.S. Supreme Court news, coverage of Circuit splits, and related content. 



A blog providing frequent updates on matters before the U.S. Supreme Court. See this LibGuide's main page for an RSS feed featuring the latest from SCOTUSblog. 

III. Supreme Court Bulletin 

Supreme Court Bulletin   

A service from Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute providing previews of cases on the U.S. Supreme Court docket. 



A blog from ITT Chicago-Kent College of Law providing commentary on the latest U.S. Supreme Court news. 

V. Oyez - Audio Recordings

Oyez - Audio Recordings  

A resource providing audio recordings of U.S. Supreme Court proceedings.