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United States Supreme Court Law Clinic at WVU Law


Secondary legal sources useful for Supreme Court Clinic, many of which focus on Circuit splits, state authority splits, and other emerging legal issues. Sources include the American Law Reports, Words & Phrases, law review articles, 50 state surveys, treatises, Black's Law Dictionary, and legal skills sources.

I. American Law Reports (ALR)

American Law Reports (ALR) 

American Law Reports (ALR) as available on Westlaw. Lexis Advance access to ALR is available here. ALR annotations provide comprehensive summaries of relevant case law on a specific legal issue. Also included are prefatory statements, detailed outlines, and citations to other relevant primary and secondary sources.  

II. Words and Phrases

Words and Phrases 

Words and Phrases as available on Westlaw. This source provides state and federal judicial definitions of words and phrases with citations to court opinions that provide each definition. Defined terms may also relate to statutory language, administrative regulations, court rules, etc.

III. 50 State Surveys

50 State Surveys 

50 State Surveys as available on Westlaw. Lexis Advance provides separate 50 State Survey proprietary content available here. 50 State Surveys provide overviews and citations on how each of the 50 states govern a specific legal statutory or regulatory issue. 

IV. Law Review Articles and Journals

Law Review Articles and Journals 

Law review articles and journals as available on Westlaw. Lexis Advance access to law review articles and journals is available here. Use HeinOnline's Law Journal Library for older articles and specialty law review articles not available on Westlaw or Lexis Advance.

V. Treatises

VI. Black's Law Dictionary

Black's Law Dictionary 

Black's Law Dictionary as available on Westlaw. Lexis Advance provides Ballentine's Law Dictionary available here.  

VII. Legal Skills Sources