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Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics

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But PICO doesn't work with my question!

Sometimes PICO is not the best framework for your question. Here are two alternatives.


Setting Context of your question, i.e. where
Perspective View of stakeholders, future users, or service of product
Intervention Action being taken
Comparison Alternative actions or outcomes
Evaluation What are the end results/outcome


Sample Size my vary but useful to define at beginning of research
Phenomenon of Interest Consideration of relevant interventions, behaviors, and experience
Design (of study) Can impact robustness of study
Evaluation What are the outcomes or results?
Research Type What research types are relevant?


Do you PICO?

What is a PICO?

Before you start your research you want to have a well formed and thought out question. There are many ways to structure your question and one of those ways is using PICO. It's a form traditionally used in clinical medicine and stands for Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome. Sometimes it goes by PICOT, with the T standing for Time. 

But what type of study do I do?- This guide will help!