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Searching for Protocols

What are Lab Protocols? A Quick Refresh!

Whether you're just getting started or you've been around the block, you need to have a lab protocol for your experiments. Protocols are the instructions that allow fellow scientists to recreate your experiment in the own lab. Protocols can be extremely detailed of provide basic information regarding methods, tools, and materials to replicate but must include certain sets of information.

All protocols must include the following

  • safety bias
  • procedural equipment
  • statistical methods
  • reporting & troubleshooting standards for experiments

But how do I find more information?

Find examples and Open Access materials here

Plos One Labs Protocol Collection

  • Authors can share their peer reviewed protocols with their community and colleagues while receiving credit for their work. This collection highlights the first set of Lab Protocols Plos One has published.

  • An open-access platform for researchers to collaborate, run, and, and share research protocols. There are two versions. The open resources account which allows for two private protocols and unlimited public protocols and workspaces. 

Protocol Exchange

  • An open repository of community-contributed protocols. Protocols are sponsored by Nature Portfolio and the repository functions as a preprint server. 

BiteSize Bio

  • Resource page researchers.

PSI-Nature Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (PSI-SGKB)

  • Research database and tools from the Protein Structure Initiative. Free resource, last updated 2017.