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ADPR 421: Advertising and Public Relations Audience Insights

Guidance and resources for students in ADPR 421S during the Fall semester of 2023.

Assignment Specific Resources

Researching Artificial Intelligence and Applications


Databases are collections of resources that are indexed and searchable. Subject-specific databases focus on a single academic discipline or a group of related disciplines. While they cover more specific topics within their subject area, they do not include the broad range of topics common to general databases.

AI Conference Proceedings

Proceedings and Research papers from AI research conferences.

Government Sources

Government websites and agencies often provide valuable resources and research related to artificial intelligence (AI) and ethics.

NGO Sources

These organizations often produce valuable reports, conduct studies, and engage in policy discussions related to AI ethics.

Academic and Scholarly Journals

In addition to searching collections of resources, you can also browse and access articles through individual publications.