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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - WVU Libraries Exhibit

An Exhibit on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Your Education and Fields of Work

Exploring Reporting on AI:

Students choose one or more AI stories from the table below or find their own on a topic of choice, to explore individually or with fellow students as part of a small group.


How AI is cropping up in agriculture

Children and Youth

Safety vs. Surveillance in Dearborn Public Schools *Content note: This story discusses school shootings.

An Algorithm That Screens for Child Neglect Raises Concerns

Our children are growing up with AI; what you need to know

Children and AI: the risks and opportunities

Criminal Justice

How AI-Powered Tech Landed Man in Jail with Scant Evidence

South Florida Police Widely Use Facial Recognition, yet Resist Policies to Curb Abuse. That’s a Problem for People of Color.

Tech Tool Offers Police ‘Mass Surveillance on a Budget’

How Thousands of American Muslims Ended up on the Terrorist Watch List


How the AI Industry Profits from Catastrophe

How AI impacts financial consumers


Tracked: How Colleges Use AI To Monitor Student Protests

Will AI Impact education? Let’s As AI to find out.

AI will affect teaching and learning. Let’s Get it Right.

Why we need to rethink education in the age of AI

Engineering & Design

The Future of Engineering in the AI age

How AI will impact design


AI Justice: When AI Principals are Not Enough

Ethics of AI

Ethics and AI: three conversations companies need to have


         Harsh AI Regulation from Congress Imperils Innovation

Who’s Watching? How Governments Used the Pandemic to Normalize Surveillance

Gig Workers in India Are Uniting To Take Back Control From Algorithms

The Gig Workers Fighting Back Against the Algorithms

South Africa’s Private Surveillance Machine Is Fueling a Digital Apartheid

Senators Push To Reform Police’s Cellphone Tracking Tools

AI, and a threat to democracy

The Implications of AI on national security

Health + Climate

Artificial Intelligence Systems Aim to Sniff out Signs of COVID-19 Outbreaks

Can Math Be Used to Predict an Outbreak?

How AI will affect climate

The potential of AI in healthcare

How Doctors are using ChatGPT


Exploring the Critical Intersection Between the Humanities and Artificial Intelligence

The Information Revolution put Tech Disciplines at the Center, but now it needs Humanities

The role of the arts and humanities when thinking about AI
Now the Humanities Can Disrupt AI

How is AI changing art history?

Tool or Terror? Using Literature to Understand AI

Media and entertainment

Benefits of AI in the entertainment industry

Three ways media can leverage AI

Nonprofits, social justice

AI: Why the nonprofit sector should pay attention

AI for Social Justice

How is AI impacting administrative individuals?

Underrepresented communities

A New Vision of Artificial Intelligence for the People

How AI can deepen racial and economic disparities

Using AI to promote diversity