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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - WVU Libraries Exhibit

An Exhibit on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Your Education and Fields of Work


1. Have you ever used a search engine like Google, scrolled through a social media feed, or used Face ID to unlock a device? If you have, you have interacted with artificial intelligence!

2. Have you heard of artificial intelligence (AI) before? What comes to mind when you hear the term AI? Students can write down their ideas on a collaborative board, write down on worksheet below or share with a classmate.

3. Take a moment to look up the term artificial intelligence. (Find written definition here ; a 1 minute video definition here; 4 minute video definition here.) Does this definition add anything new to your original understanding? Discuss as a class.

4. Explore the flowchart below created by Karen Hao, a Pulitzer Center grantee and senior AI editor at MIT Technology Review. Hao created this flowchart to help herself and others determine whether or not a technology is using AI. As you explore the flowchart, brainstorm 2-3 technologies you suspect use AI and use the chart to determine whether this is the case.

"Is It Using AI?" A flowchart by Karen Hao used to determine whether a piece of technology is using AI or not.