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Artificial Intelligence (AI) - WVU Libraries Exhibit

An Exhibit on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Your Education and Fields of Work

Reflection: Individual, Pair and Share, or Small Group

1. While they explore the story of their choice, students should write down their responses to the following questions:

  • How is AI being used in this story?
  • Who is benefiting from this use of AI, and how?
  • Who is experiencing negative consequences from this use of AI, and how?

2. After exploring the story, students discuss the following questions in their small groups or reflect individually in writing.

  • What new information did you learn from the story you explored? Did anything surprise you?
  • How has the story you explored challenged, expanded, or reinforced your understanding of AI?
  • Can you connect with any of the experiences people shared in the story you explored? Has AI affected you and/or your community in similar ways?
  • How are people in the story you explored combating the dangers of AI and/or leveraging its potential for good?

Whole Class Sharing and Discussion

  1. Student groups report a short summary of their responses to the reflection questions to the class in order to build collective knowledge about how AI is used, and what its positive and negative outcomes can be. If students reflected individually, sharing in small groups may allow more voices to be heard.
  2. As a whole class, students discuss the following questions, drawing on evidence from the stories they explored, key themes their classmates shared, and their personal knowledge of and experiences with AI. To conclude the lesson, students answer out loud or in writing:
    • What is one way in which AI impacts your life?
    • What is one way in which AI impacts other people's lives?
    • What is one question you have about AI and/or its impacts?

Activities to pull together for exhibit:
Short project: Create an Infographic
Infographics are a great way to raise awareness and share information. Create an infographic that highlights the impact of AI in your community and/or industry now or in the future. AI affects communities in many different ways so you may want to focus on the impact of AI on the legal system, working conditions, the healthcare industry, or another sector in your community or industry.
Your infographic should include the following:

A title that summarizes the topic of your infographic
Data visualizations
Citations (where does your data come from?)
Additional images

Students can use Canva's free infographic maker for their project.
Longer Project: Audit Artificial Intelligence in Your Daily Life

  • Step 1: Reflect on the stories you explored in this lesson and your class discussion and use these to generate a list of AI technologies you know about. Write a one-sentence description of what the technology does, and its specific name if it has one (e.g. ShotSpotter). List at least five.
  • Step 2: Do some research on how AI is used and where you might expect to find it in your everyday life. Add at least ten more items to your list.
  • Step 3: Every day for one week, make a note any time you notice that you encounter AI technology. Look back at your list at least once a day to remind yourself of some of the technologies to look out for.
  • Step 4: Create an infographic that answers the following questions:

How often did you notice yourself encountering AI technologies this week?

What AI technologies did you notice yourself encountering most often?

Do you think it is useful to be aware when you are encountering AI technology? Why or why not?

In what ways do you think the AI you encountered this week could have a positive and negative impact on your life?

How do you think you can access more of the positive effects, and counteract the negative effects?

  • Step 5: As a class, discuss:

What patterns do you notice in the class's experiences? Did anything surprise you?

Do you think it's possible you might have encountered more AI technologies than you noticed in the last week? Why are some AI technologies harder to recognize than others?

How do you feel about your observations, and those of your classmates?

In what ways do you think the AI you encountered this week could have a positive impact on your life?

In what ways do you think the AI you encountered could have a negative impact on your life?

How do you think you and your classmates can access more of the positive effects, and counteract the negative effects?

Sources used to create Lesson Plan: Mainly, Pulitzer Center with ideas from Science Buddies, and Future of Tech.
Optional Reflection Worksheet:

What comes to mind when you hear the term AI?
What technologies do I use that are AI?
What do I want to know about AI?
What did I learn about AI?