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WVRHC Subject Guides: WVU History


This page was developed by Andrew Linderman, Reference Assistant at the WVRHC.

Archival Collections


West Virginia University, Historic Buildings, Records – A&M 3150

These records include plans and project manual for renovation of rooms 112 and 309 in Oglebay Hall, approval plans and project manual for interior renovations of Stewart and Purinton Halls, and the project manual for the renovation and rewiring of Elizabeth Moore Hall, 1989.

West Virginia University, Buildings, Martin, Science, Woodburn, and Library, Architect Records – A&M 2289

Twenty-one xerox pages of typescript notes and items located regarding the architects employed by WVU. For planning and supervising the construction of Martin, Woodburn, and Science halls, and the old Library (administration) building, 1873-1910.

West Virginia University, Buildings and Grounds, Blueprints and Specifications – A&M 0461

Proposals, plans, and correspondence regarding West Virginia University building projects. Includes specifications for Woodburn Hall (1873) and blueprints for the north wing (1897), specifications for the Evansdale Library (1978), and renovation of Colson Hall (1978). There are also floor plans for Purinton House with a sketch of the exterior (ca. 1905). Other items include maps and drawings pertaining to east Morgantown (1901) and the WVU Campus (1971), and several blank diplomas for different schools and colleges within the University. The correspondence is from WVU President Jerome Raymond to architects competing for the contract to design an armory, mechanical hall, and a library with a museum (1899/03/16), 1873-1979.

Robert J. Bennett, Architect, Papers – A&M 5035

Drawings by architect Robert J. Bennett, A.I.A., of various building projects at West Virginia University. Included are drawings for Knapp Hall (1965), the renovation of the historical buildings of Woodburn Circle in the later 1970s (including Martin, Woodburn, and Chitwood), and drawings for Evansdale Library (1978), among many others. Beginning in the late 1950s and up into the 1980s, architect Robert Bennett, A.I.A. was involved in much design and renovation work at WVU, 1955-1986.

College Records 

West Virginia University, College of Pharmacy – A&M 1388 - Administrative records, including correspondence (1955-1956); scholarship letters; Greater West Virginia Weekend correspondence; alcohol correspondence (1936-1949); applicants, testing, and interviews (1950-1959); and applications received and interviews (1954-1957), 1936-1959. Related collections include A&M 0977 and A&M 0985. 

West Virginia University, Medical School, History – A&M 2046 - Seventeen (17) volumes in 18 books containing the typescript history of the West Virginia University Medical School, 1869-1964, as compiled by Dr. E.J. VanLiere and Dr. G.S. Dodds. It represents research material, too, which VanLiere and Dodds gathered for their history, including correspondence, photographs, charts, maps and pamphlets. Volumes contain lists of women who graduated from the medical school, correspondence with them, and completed survey forms. Generally, this collection includes a wide variety of primary source material on the medical school, 1964.

West Virginia University, Biology Department, Records – A&M 5070 – Biology Department records, including: biographical information, Dept. newsletters, photographs, returned mail of deceased servicemen (1945), Phi Epsilon Phi fraternity records, Wild Flower Day records, Terra Alta Biological Station records, etc., 1900-1980. 

West Virginia University, Department of History, Records – A&M 2216 - Records of the WVU Department of History, consisting of applications for positions, invoices, purchase records, material on the Army Special Training Program, and faculty material such as grade books, exams, lecture notes, and course outlines, 1902-1963. 

West Virginia University, School of Journalism – A&M 2244 - Various papers pertaining to the program offered by the WVU School of Journalism. Includes a course catalog, a pamphlet entitled "Journalism Wants You," a brochure "Want an Interesting Career?", course outlines and bibliographies, hand-outs used in various courses, and various blank information forms used by the department, 1955-1965. 

West Virginia University, Nursing School, Administrative Records – A&M 5098 - Administrative records of the Nursing School of West Virginia University. Also includes nurses uniforms, 1962-2003. 

West Virginia University, College of Agriculture, Records – A&M 0744 - This material contains West Virginia State documents, documents of other states and the Federal Government, and miscellaneous mimeographed material relating to agriculture in West Virginia including: County Land Use Planning Reports for Monongalia, Barbour, and Wood counties, 1938-1940; the Unified County Program in Lewis County, WV, 1939-1940; Flood Control Activities in West Virginia, as presented at the Midwest Flood Control Conference in 1947; and The West Virginia Holly Project in 1944, 1938-1949. Related collections include A&M 1437 and A&M 1474. 

Student Life/History 

West Virginia University, Office of Greek Life, Records – A&M 5228 - This collection contains the administrative records of the Office of Greek Life of West Virginia University. This office organizes and coordinates the policies and activities of fraternities and sororities at West Virginia University. The collection includes correspondence, reports, grade statistics, membership lists, plaques, and other material. This collection is minimally processed, 1950-2010. 

West Virginia University in WWI – A&M 0172 - Brief biographies, news stories, letters, pictures and printed memorials concerning University men killed in World War I, 1917-1920. Related collections include A&M 0389. 

West Virginia University, Student Anti-War Movement, Records – A&M 2506 - Materials concerning West Virginia University student activities in opposition to the Vietnam War in 1969 and 1970. Includes announcements of meetings and demonstrations, campus newsletters, anti-war literature, and publicity of other student concerns, 1969-1970. 

Oral Histories

1.    WEST VIRGINIA UNIVERSITY EVENTS. Morgantown, WV, 1947‐1950. This recording contains three events: 1. Eisenhower Convocation ‐ proceedings of the conferral of an honorary to President Eisenhower on September 22, 1947 ‐
− Eisenhower discusses World War II global politics, mountaineers and education in his acceptance address; 2. Dr. Irwin Stewart's inaugural address as president of West Virginia University, 26 April 1947, ‐topics include global politics, the nature, roles and missions of universities, professional and vocational education, extension service, general education and research; 3. University Day, 7 February 1950 ‐‐ a dedication ceremony for Armstrong Hall, broadcast from the WVU Fieldhouse. Harold Stasson, Irwin Stewart, and Okey L. Patterson give speeches. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips, quality fair to good. (R1)
2.    DR. JAMES MORTON CALLAHAN. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 6, 14 April 1954. An interview with Dr. Callahan, a retired history professor at West Virginia University, conducted by Charles W. Shetler, concerning the early history of WVU and Morgantown. Four reels (7") 7 1/2 ips, quality poor, transcription available. (R2‐5)
9.    DR. OLIVER PERRY CHITWOOD. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 27 July 1956. An interview with Chitwood, retired WVU history professor, conducted by Dr. O. D. Lambert, Charles W. Shetler, and Verl Z. Garster, Jr., concerning his early life, local schools and churches, social and political life in Monongalia County and WVU. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips, transcription available. (R11)
14.    ARTHUR A. HALL. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 28 May 1958. An interview with Hall, Professor Emeritus, at West Virginia University, conducted by Charles W. Shetler, Dr. O. D. Lambert and Verl C. Garster, Jr., concerning the history of Morgantown, West Virginia University and Dr, Hall's early life and career. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips, transcription available. (R16)
18.    NAN BROOKE HAROLD. Richmond, Virginia, 16 July, 1958. An interview with Mrs. Harold, a former resident of Morgantown, conducted by Charles W. Shetler concerning her childhood and early life in Morgantown, and the history of WVU. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips, transcription available. (R20)
19.    PRESIDENT ELVIS STAHR. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 6 August 1958. A press conference held during the first visit of Stahr to West Virginia University concerning the new president's impressions of the campus, goals for WVU's future, and philosophy concerning the aims of higher education. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips, transcription available. (R21)
35.    PRESIDENT PAUL A. MILLER, INAUGURAL ADDRESS AND CEREMONY. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 11 April 1962. President Miller discusses his plans for the future of West Virginia University. One reel (7") 3 3/4 ips. (R39)
127.    DR. JAMES G. HARLOW. Morgantown, Monongalia County, WV, 21 January 1971. An informal discussion between Dr. Dr. Harlow, President of West Virginia University, and Alan Woodford, WVU Student Body President, Kathy Montgomery, Vice President and Tom Heflin, Speaker of the Student Legislature. The Discussion concerns West Virginia University policies and problems, as well as the role of student government. One reel (7") 7 1/2 ips. (R93)
410.    M. BROOKS. West Virginia University. November 11 1987. Professor Brooks discusses his early life and career, the agricultural movement in West Virginia, and the history of the WVU Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station form 1903. One cassette 1 7/8 ips, quality good to poor. (R517)

Printed Ephemera

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