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Zotero: Citation Manager

Accessing the PDF Reader

The PDF reader is part of Zotero 6.0.  Double clicking on any pdf stored in Zotero will open it in the reader.  You can see quickly which sources have a pdf attachment and which do not:

Zotero PDF attachment

Double clicking on the pdf symbol will open the pdf in the built-in reader.


Using the PDF Reader to Create Annotations


There are three basic tools for marking up a pdf.  

Zotero PDF tools

  • Use the highlighter (#1) to select specific text.
  • Use the Add Note tool (#2) to add your own text.
  • Use the Select Area tool (#3) to capture an image, table, formula, etc.
  • The Pick a Color tool (#4) gives you 5 colors to apply to the highlighter, a note, or a selected area.

These tools create Annotations, which show up in the left pane.


Converting Annotations to Notes

To incorporate Annotations into a Word document or Google doc, they must be added to a Note, which shows up in the right pane.  

Click on the icon in the upper right corner for the Notes view.  Then click on the plus symbol.   

Zotero Add Note

The Add Item Note choice opens a blank note.  Type a note directly into the space OR drag and drop one or more annotations from the left pane into the blank note.  To add all the annotations into a single note, choose the Add Item Note from Annotations option.