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IEEE Citation Style Guide

IEEE Citations

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IEEE Reference Guide

IEEE citation style is used primarily for electronics, engineering, telecommunications,
computer science, and information technology reports. The three main parts of a
reference are as follows:
• Author’s name listed as first initial of first name, then full last.
• Title of article, patent, conference paper, etc. (in quotation marks)
• Title of journal or book (in italics)

• How to find the item.  (DOI or URL or Journal volume and Issue with page numbers)

The .PDFs below but primarily the first one are great resources for how to cite sources using the IEEE style citation format.
The other two are primarily for authors looking to publish in IEEE journals but do contain some good information about
style and grammar

Resources for more help

Citation Generators
Important information when using a citation generator:
They are only 80-90 percent accurate.  This means there is always going to be some error in the final citation they create.
They often do not create the author list correctly and rarely get the italicised portions of a citation correct.
Please correct your citations before you submit them to be graded.  In other words, they are a good start but are not perfect.
The two below are my favorite citation generators and ones that I find work best.
Using the DOI to create the citation is the best way to create a good citation.


Here are some of the best ways to get help.