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Enjoy leisure reading, listening, and watching: Evansdale Leisure

Including Graphic Novels, STEM, and Graphic Medicine

Evansdale Library Leisure Reading Collections

Evansdale Library Leisure Reading Collection

Evansdale Library Leisure reading collection is comprised of award winning best sellers and books that highlight diverse voices. The collection is located on the main floor of the Evansdale Library. The Evansdale Collection highlights Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery and Suspense novels.

Diverse Voices: Selected Print and eBooks

The collection now is building inclusion by the selection of diverse voices to share experiences and creative expression. Come to Evansdale or use the Bookexpress+ option to have Walter Mosley, James Patterson, Andy Weir, Sue Grafton, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Terry McMillian or other authors or titles sent to the nearest campus library to begin your reading experience.

These selected titles by diverse authors are shelved throughout WVU Libraries. Follow the link to discover the location.

Evansdale Leisure Reading Area