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NASA Interactive Graphic Novel “First Woman”

Download, read, and interact with “First Woman”

Listen to the audio version on NASA’s SoundCloud

NASA released a digital, interactive graphic novel. “First Woman: NASA’s Promise for Humanity imagines the story of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon.

While Callie’s story is fictional, the first woman and the first person of color will walk on the Moon, achieving these historic milestones as part of NASA’s Artemis missions. Through this graphic novel, NASA aims to inspire the next generation of explorers – the Artemis Generation.

Selection Guidelines

Selection Criteria

The WVU Librarians consider the following factors when evaluating graphic novels for our collection:

Top-selling titles for mature readers

to the WVU curriculum

to TV shows, movies, and classic Literature

Age level,
target audience, and general suitability

Super-hero and fantasy titles are popular but we collect science fiction, humor, realistic fiction, and other styles

quality, including originality of plot and characters, overall appeal, character development, dialogue, and pacing

quality, including layout, dramatic impact, storytelling flow, drawing skill, coloring (where relevant), and lettering

of writers and artists, many of whom have strong fan followings

and recognition received. Major industry awards include the Eisner, Harvey, and Kirby awards. The Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards is a significant annual fan award.

of publisher

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