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Indigenous Ecostudies

Resource to support Honors 207

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Environmental Justice

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Search Tips to Locate Library Materials

Experiment with

  • various synonyms and combinations of these subject terms
  • add and mix specific terms in to your search
    • tribe/nation names (Shoshone, Navajo)
    • geographic or regional area (ie. southwest, North Dakota) 

Common words used by the Library of Congress to describe materials about Environmental Justice in Indian Country

  • Environmental law United States
  • Indians of North America
  • Indians of North America Legal status, laws
  • Government relations
  • Environmental justice United States
  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental law
  • Indian activists United States
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Tribal law


GreenFILE database

Experiment with a variety of search terms.


  • native american environmental issues

Use Advanced Search to combine your search for native american with: 

  • environmental justice
  • environmental injustice
  • environmental racism
  • environmental inequality

GreenFILE database tutorial