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Indigenous Ecostudies

Resource to support Honors 207

traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Maija Glasier-Lawson (2013) 27:37

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) promotes an indigenous approach to environmental stewardship. Our world faces unprecedented ecological challenges. Collaborating with local peoples is a crucial step toward a more sustainable future.

Indigenous ecology: people, organizations, trends

Gregory Cajete: An Indigenous Ecology

2009 51min Closed captions available

Interview with Gregory Cajete, a Native American educator whose work is dedicated to honoring the foundations of indigenous knowledge in education. Cajete is a Tewa Indian from the pueblos of New Mexico who has spent his life striving to harmonize indigenous ways of learning and knowing with western science and scholarship so that each tradition can be enriched by the other.

Where western scholarship tends to isolate things in order to understand them rationally, native thinking perceives objects and events holistically and spiritually in terms of their relationships with their surroundings. For Cajete, the two ways of knowing are complementary. Together they offer a depth of understanding that neither can provide on its own. A depth of understanding that we desperately need as we confront a crisis brought on perhaps by an explosion of knowledge and a shortage of wisdom. Cajete is one of the foremost scholars in the field of sociocultural studies as it relates to Indian education and curriculum and native science. He has long been a well-known figure in Indian education circles and has become a popular speaker in the mainstream science and education academy conference circuit. As disciplines such as ecological and environmental studies have broadened to indigenous knowledge and pedagogy, Cajete and his work have gained mainstream attention.

Indigenous knowledge and data sovereignty

Support for Indigenous knowledge and data sovereignty

Local Contexts from Local Contexts on Vimeo.