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Ask A Librarian

Geography and Geology

A general guide for the fields of geography and geology.

Using Library Resources

This page is a sampling of some library resources that are relevant to geography and geology.

The first box is the main library search bar, the same as you would find in the middle of the library's website. This searches all the resources the library has access to, and then some. By default, this is a very broad search, and can potentially be overwhelming. You can limit with the advanced search to filter your results, but by default you will get tons of results. This is the best search box to use when you have a complete citation, such as from the examples on the previous tab.

Note that even for results that we do not have access to, you can request via Interlibrary Loan. This is a free service where we go out and obtain a PDF of articles, or borrow physical copies of books, from another institution for you. ILL as it's called, can be utilized directly from your search results in the main search (via the "Request: Illiad" button), or from the ILL page itself: 

After that, we have the Browzine search box, which is ideal for specific ejournals, such as ones from the previous tabs. Doing a blank search will also let you browse all the journals we have sorted by their subject.

Next, there's listed some databases that either focus on geography/geology, or are general enough to help get your research started. Links to these, and other databases, can also be found at

As you are doing research, you may want to keep track of your citations, and the next tab, "Cite Your Work", goes into detail about that.

Searching Library Resources

BrowZine Search

First Choice Article Databases to Find Scholarly Sources

Search strategy tips:

  • Use the advanced search whenever available.
  • To find out more about the article, read the abstract.
  • Use the "Find it @ WVU Libraries" button to retrieve the articles not in full text.
  • Why use more than one article database? Because extent of literature coverage varies.

Additional Article Databases

Try these additional article databases if you need to search more than those listed in the Getting Started tab.