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Ask A Librarian

Geography and Geology

A general guide for the fields of geography and geology.

Citation Information

Most, if not all, assignments will require proper citation. Some disciplines or professors might require a specific style, and each style has their own guidelines that you must follow. Some assignments will only ask for a more basic works cited page, while others might require more detailed footnote or even in text citations. When possible, try to mark your citations as you work on your assignment. Even if you wait until the end to input the proper citation, keeping track as you go can save you time when you are editing.

When citing articles, some databases and publishers provide easy export of citations in the form of plain text you can copy into your paper, or as part of a citation management tool, such as Endnote. If you are planning to do more research in the same subject, and especially with the same topic, a citation management tool is a great way to keep track of resources you have used in the past for future reference.

As a note, there is no standard citation style for geography or geology. Please consult with your specific professor or assignment to make sure you are using the correct style. While they may look similar at a glance, there are differences, and they are important.

More Information

For more information, please refer to these specific guides for individual citation styles and citation management tools, or contact the library.