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English 272: Modernist Literature

Resources for assignments in English 272


Welcome to the English 272: Modernist Literature Research Guide!

Here you'll find resources to help you with your research projects.

Group Presentation: Poem

Each group will be assigned a poem, and each group member will be responsible for researching the poem and presenting their findings to the class. Each person will report on what they found using the following sources:

1) The First World War Digital Poetry Archive

2) MagillOnLiterature or Literature Resource Center.

3) Scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic journal article (MLAIB)

4) Scholarly, peer-reviewed book on the poet that references the poem.



Modernist Journals Project (MJP) Assignment

In this assignment, we will be studying modernists as reviewers and as authors being reviewed. Your task is to find between one and three reviews—how many depends on how long and substantive your examples are—and then write a 3+ pp. analytical essay of the texts. Think broadly in this assignment; a half-hour of searching the MJP database will give you a lot of material to work with.

Search The Modernist Journals Project; includes search tips

Search digitized newspaper collections

Search digizited journal and magazine collections

Final Research Paper

Choose an author, a text or a cultural topic relating to the work we have been doing in class, and develop a research question that interests you. Your final paper will be approximately 6-8 pp. in length, and will address an author or cultural topic related to the literature we are reading this semester.  You will use both the primary text and at least three relevant, peer-reviewed secondary sources within your paper (paraphrased, summarized, or quoted). Ideally, these outside sources should be recent, an essay or book published in the last decade

Search for full-text peer-reviewed journal articles

Search EbscoHost (MLAIB) for journal articles

Search for books

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