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Ask A Librarian

WVCLE: Legal Research in 2020: An update on research tools and strategies for litigation

New case law search alerts

  • Launched in November 2019

  • Look for the bell icon in the search bar to receive alerts for new cases matching your search criteria.



"Bad Law Bot" in the interactive timeline

  • Launched in November 2019

  • "Bad law" (as indicated by Fastcase's Authority Check tool) is now indicated by a red circle in the interactive timeline for search results.



Customized search algorithm

  • Launched in April 2019
  • Fine tune the way your documents get sorted for each search

  • Favor documents based on different properties such as responsiveness to your search terms, citation frequency or authority.



Juris Pro Expert Witness Directory

  • Launched in April 2019
  • Partnership with Juris Pro

  • Search for expert witnesses based on keyword and view CV.
  • Cannot filter by geographic location.