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Ask A Librarian

WVCLE: Legal Research in 2020: An update on research tools and strategies for litigation


Ravel view for case searching

  • Launched in June 2018 following the Lexis acquisition of Ravel Law.
  • Cluster maps how the relations among the top 75 cases in your results and their relative importance to each other.
  • Connections between cases reveal relationships between cases according o Shepard's.



Search term maps

  • First launched in 2016.
  • Color codes and maps search terms to both in search results and in a single document to help assess relevance and navigate the case.
  • Color codes up to five terms.
  • Toggle feature on and off



Legal Analytics Tools: "Context"

  • Launched in November 2018. Second roll-out of Ravel Law integration, renamed "Context". Competitor to Westlaw's Litigation Analytics.
  • Analyzes court and docket data to provide empirical information on judges, courts, attorney, law firms, and case types.
  • Analytics available for West Virginia state courts at the trial court level as well as the judge level. Most comprehensive data for federal courts.
  • Expert witness analytics.
  • Separate product from Lexis Advance research platform.



Brief Check

  • Competitor to Westlaw Quick Check.
  • Check up to 600 citations and quotations in a document
  • Extracts citations and quotations and exports into a report.