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Scholarly Communications & Publishing

This guide provides an introduction to some of the central topics in scholarly communication and explains the WVU Libraries' services in these areas.

About the Research Repository

The Research Repository @ WVU is an open access digital repository for the collection, management, preservation, and dissemination of intellectual works produced at West Virginia University. It contains scholarly and creative works by faculty, staff, and students and includes journal articles, working papers, technical documents, images, datasets, theses and dissertations, problem reports, honors projects, capstone projects, and open access textbooks. 

The Research Repository can also be used to host journals, publish digital projects, organize and archive conferences and events, and share special collections. It uses Digital Commons software, powered by bepress.

The Research Repository is a service of the WVU Libraries and the WVU Office of Research.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at

Mission and Scope

The Research Repository @ WVU supports the West Virginia University Mission by promoting the advancement of high-impact research and providing global access to scholarship, creative works, and educational materials. Through the Research Repository, visitors worldwide can view:

  • Journal articles and manuscripts
  • Theses, dissertations, and problem reports
  • Digital and multimedia projects
  • Datasets
  • Technical reports and white papers
  • Undergraduate research
  • Posters, presentations, and conference proceedings
  • Open educational resources


The Research Repository offers several services to support the sharing works by WVU researchers. These include:

  • Faculty Deposit Service: The WVU Libraries are currently piloting a service to review faculty publications for copyright permissions and upload eligible works to the Research Repository. To participate in this program, please contact us.
  • Digital Publishing: The Research Repository serves as a digital publishing platform for original projects and digital companions or supplements to monographs, papers, and other research projects.
  • Data Management Support: The Research Repository can be used for fulfilling funder requirements, housing supplemental data, or simply sharing your data with other researchers. If you are creating a data management plan, please contact us or fill out a consultation request form
  • Digital Archiving: If you have important files scattered across flash drives, hard drives, external drives, or other storage media, the Research Repository can be used to aggregate your materials in one place and share them with other researchers and the general public.