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Ask A Librarian

Scholarly Communications & Publishing

This guide provides an introduction to some of the central topics in scholarly communication and explains the WVU Libraries' services in these areas.

About the Digital Publishing Institute

The Digital Publishing Institute (DPI) is a nascent WVU collaborative designed to help meet the scholarly publishing needs of the WVU and WV scholarly community. Our vision is to provide open access and non-profit publishing expertise, services, and platforms to enhance the scholarly output options of our community.

DPI Services

Our services include

  • Open Access and non-profit publishing
  • Hosting platforms and services for digital publications
  • Workshops on scholarly communication and publishing
  • Internships for WVU professional writing students

Working With the DPI

The mission of the DPI is to be responsive to the publishing needs of the WVU and West Virginia scholarly communities. We aim to tailor our services to fulfill this needs. Please contact us at so that we can learn more about your projects, and explore ways in which to support them.