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Chicago Citation Style Guide

A quick guide to Chicago-style citations

Citing Audio/Video Resources

Documentation of any type of audio/video recording includes as much of the following information as possible:

  • Name of the composer, writer, performer, or other person primarily responsible for the content;
  • Title, in italics or quotation marks, as applicable (see CMS 8.192);
  • Name of the recording company or publisher; any identifying number of the recording;
  • Indication of medium (compact disc, audiocassette, audiovisual file, etc.);
  • Copyright date or date of production or performance.
  • Recordings consulted online should include a URL or DOI.
  • Supplementary information, such as the number of discs in an album and the duration of the recording, as applicable, may also be given.

Add the original date (year only) of the film's release if it is significantly different from the year that the DVD or Videocassette was manufactured