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Psychology Resources

Guide for finding Psychology-related articles, books and psychological tests and measurements


More test databases

Note: Test databases will give you information about a test and lead you to the author or owner of a test instrument.  They do not contain full-text test instruments. 

Databases used to find unpublished tests

Unpublished tests are non-commercial (not for profit) and can often be found by searching journal databases. Here are the most commonly used databases:

Commercial Tests vs. Unpublished Tests

  • A commercial test is one that has been copyrighted.  Researchers who want to use it must purchase the instrument and scoring guide from the publisher.   
  • An unpublished test is one that has not been copyrighted.  The instruments are often available for free use with permission from the author. 

Need to find a copy of an unpublished test instrument?

Guides for finding and using tests