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Bar Exam Prep: WVU Law Library Resources

The West Virginia Bar Exam is a two-day exam administered in February and July. The Bar Exam consists of the Multi-Performance Test ("MPT"), Multistate Essay Exam ("MEE"), and Multistate Bar Exam ("MBE"). West Virginia applicants must also pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam ("MPRE") and a character and fitness evaluation. West Virginia also is one of 38 jurisdictions that participate in the Uniform Bar Exam ("UBE"). If you take the UBE in West Virginia or in other UBE jurisdictions such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland, your score can be transferred to other UBE jurisdictions.

  • MPT: The MPT is administered the morning of Day 1 of the West Virginia Bar Exam. The MPT consists of two 90-minute "closed universe" writing assignments where the facts and law are provided to the examinee in a file. The examinee must then analyze the problem and complete a task such as writing an office memorandum or client letter. The MPT does not test substantive law.
  • MEE: The MEE is administered the afternoon of Day 1 of the West Virginia Bar Exam and consists of six 30-minute essay questions. MEE areas of law include Business Associations, Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Family Law, Real Property, Torts, Trusts and Estates, and Uniform Commercial Code.
  • MBE: The MBE is administered the morning and afternoon of Day 2 of the West Virginia Bar Exam and consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. MBE areas of law include Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law and Procedure, Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.
  • MPREThe MPRE is administered in March, August, and November and is a two-hour exam with 60-multiple choice questions. The MPRE is based on the law governing the conduct of lawyers including the American Bar Association ("ABA") Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct, and controlling decisions and generally accepted principles established in federal and state case law and in rules. West Virginia requires a minimum score of 80 on the MPRE. Students may sit for the MPRE prior to graduation.