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Ask A Librarian

Native American Studies Research Tutorial and Tournament

A guide to searching, obtaining, evaluating, and citing sources for your Native American Studies research assignment.

Search Techniques

What are some internet search techniques to get more reliable results and outcomes?

  • Burst your filter bubble. Algorithms feed you information you've shown a preference for. Actively seek credible information from multiple sides of issues.
  • Modify your search with extensions to limit your results to typically more academic domains like this:
  • Build a list of keywords 
    • keep looking for synonyms
      • thesaurus
      • descriptions of items of search results
        • hashtags
        • subject headings
        • descriptors
        • keywords
      • suggested searches by Google
      • see also terms at the foot of Wikipedia articles  
  • Use practices to be thorough when web searching / browsing, remember
    • The top result on Google is often not the best. Scan results and skim the snippets beneath the links.
    • A website may appear credible and not be. Use more than a superficial examination to decide: 
      • leave the site itself to learn more about it (lateral reading)
      • use the command-F keyboard shortcut to search within an article for a name, group, or word
      • right-click on a link to open in a new tab