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Nursing Library Services

Nursing Librarian

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Faythe Thurman
WVU Health Sciences Library
PO Box 9801
Morgantown, WV 26506-9801
Subjects: Nursing

Hello! My name is Faythe Thurman, and I am the subject librarian for the School of Nursing. My role is to collaborate with you to help you succeed in your research, teaching, and professional development goals. Below are some ways I can assist and collaborate with you through my position in the Library. These are just examples. Please contact me with any other ideas you have, and I will assist however I can.

Cover International Journal of Nursing Studies  Research

I offer one-on-one and group consultations with faculty, staff, and students on research, literature searches, and systematic reviews 

Nursing Research Guides 

  • You can request the creation of a course-specific or topical guide


Request instruction on information literacy topics, researching skills, and specific library resources 

  • Examples: 
    • source evaluation 

    • creating a PICO question 

    • searching for articles with authors who are nurses 

    • database searching workshops on PubMed, CINAHL, and others

    • literature reviews: what are they, finding sources, how to organize and write one 

Library bookshelves with journals positioned on middle shelf to make a blue W and a yellow V

Library Resources

Faculty requests for books, journal subscriptions, databases and other resources are always welcome 

E-reserves are available to support course instruction