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About APA Style

PLEASE NOTE: This guide refers to rules from the 7th edition, released in October 2019. Your instructor may wish you to use the 6th edition rules, that guide can be found here

This guide is a general overview of how to cite common types of sources using APA style. For more complex APA style questions, please consult the official APA formatting rules found in The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed.  

Resources for more help

Resources for more help

Journal Articles

General Rule: 

Last-name, First-initial. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Volume(Issue), Pages. DOI link


Madigan, R., Johnson, S., & Linton, P. (1995). The language of psychology: APA style as

epistemology. American Psychologist, 50(6), 428-436.

What is a DOI, and where do I find it?

DOI stands for digital object identifier. It is a unique ID number ideally given to all digitized journal articles and ebooks. The DOI is listed along with the article citation in many databases. DOI numbers are also sometimes found on the first page of an article PDF. Alternately, DOI numbers can be found by searching the Crossref website     

What if I can’t find a DOI?

If no DOI is available for an article that is widely available, such as an article found in a academic research database or in a print journal, end the citation with the page numbers. If the article does not have a DOI but is freely available on a website, include the URL for the work.    


Example of an article citation without a DOI from a database or in print:

Cuddy, C. (2002). Demystifying APA style. Orthopedic Nursing, 21(5), 35-42. 

Example of an article without a DOI from a website:

Akin, E. (2014). In Defense of "Mindless Rote." Nonpartisan Education Review, 10(2), 1-13.  


More Information

For more information see: .