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Emergency Medicine

A guide with helpful resources for Emergency Medicine program's students, faculty, and staff.

Exporting Your Bibliography

EndNote will even create a bibliography for you. Follow these steps to save yourself a ton of work. 

  1. Click on the Format tab. 
  2. Use the "References" drop box to select which would you would like to create a bibliography for. 
  3. Use the "Bibliographic Style" drop box to select your citation style.

Pro Tip: Create a list of citation style favorites by clicking Select Favorites. This will save you from having to go through that long list of citation styles each time you create a bibliography. I suggest including American Medical Association (AMA) Style (at least), and when you are done, click Copy to Favorites. It's that easy!

  1. Use the "File Format" drop down menu to select how you want to export the bibliography. 
  • RTF (rich text file): this will open the bibliography into a RTF word processing file (i.e. Microsoft Word)
  • Text File: this will open an unformatted bibliography into a notepad file
  • HTML: this will open your bibliography into your default browser window
  1. Save, Email, or Preview and Print
  • Save: will download the file which you will then need to open
  • Email: emails you a copy of your bibliography
  • Preview and Print: opens your bibliography in another window which you can then copy and paste into your document

EndNote Bibliography Export Ex: HTML Print& Preview

Personally, I recommend exporting your bibliography using HTMLPreview & Print, and Copy & Pasting it into your document. Be sure to give your document a once-over to make sure everything looks okay (sometimes random pieces of your bibliography get bolded in the process). Better safe than sorry!

Cite While You Write™

This plug-in works with Microsoft® Word to easily cite references and helps you create a paper with properly formatted in-text citations. Cite While You Write™ gives you access to EndNote references and formatting commands either within an EndNote library or within a word document using the EndNote tab on the Word taskbar. 

Download Cite While You Write™

Please note: you must have Microsoft® Word already installed on your computer. After you install EndNote on your computer, an EndNote menu is automatically added to your Microsoft® Word toolbar. 

  1. Log into EndNote Basic
  2. Click on Downloads 
  3. Choose the appropriate download option, and once it has finished the download, open the file on your computer and continue the installation process. 

Setting Up Cite While You Write™

  1. Log into EndNote Basic
  2. Select the Format tab, and go to the Bibliography page (default). 
  3. Click on Select Favorites, and add your preferred citation styles if you haven't already. 
  • Only the format styles in your Favorites will be available in Cite While You Write™

Using Cite While You Write™

Adding Citations

  1. Open Microsoft® Word and in the Ribbon you should see a tab for EndNote. 
  2. You will be prompted to log in to your EndNote account. Type in your log in credentials. Once you are logged in, you should see something like this: 

A screen snip of the Cite While You Write™ plug-in on Microsoft Word. It is in the ribbon at the top  in this order: File, Home, Insert, Design, Layout, Reference, Mailings, Review, View, EndNote, Acrobat. The available buttons in the EndNote task bar are: Insert Citations, Go to EndNote Online, Edit Citation(s), a citation style drop down menu, Update Citations and Bibliography, Convert Citations and Bibliography, Export to EndNote, Preferences, and EndNote Help

  1. Click Insert Citations which will open a dialog box. Type in an author nametitle word, or publication name and click Find
  2. Select the citation you want to use and click Insert.  

Editing Citations

  • After you click Insert, both the in-text and the reference list citation will be added to your paper. 
  • You can delete either of these citations by highlighting it and then clicking the Delete button. 
  • You can edit either of those citations by clicking on the citation and adding or modifying text. You can also click on the Edit Citation option in the Ribbon.