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Technical Writing & Communication: A Primer

Get information for a number of disciplines on technical writing and communication, including upcoming workshops.

What is technical writing?

A form of communication that:

  • is used across most disciplines, but especially in Engineering, Science, and Medicine;
  • is written for a specific audience;
  • uses discipline/profession specific language and terminology;
  • is designed to provide credible, relevant, and accurate information for an audience with the purpose of reaching a specific outcome;
  • may be available in a variety of formats, including electronic and analog.

Examples of technical writing include: Contracts, FAQs, Policy Documents, Product Packaging, User Manuals, Technical Reports, and White Papers.

The WVU Libraries have compiled information for a number of disciplines that utilize technical writing. We invite you to explore these and to contact the appropriate librarian with questions.

Workshops & Slides

The WVU Libraries partnered with the Eberly Writing Studio to offer a series of workshops. These workshops were designed to introduce technical writing for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Please view slides and notes from each of the workshops below and stay tuned for future sessions!

General Resources

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