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HONR 204A: Communication & Health Disparities

This guide is designed to help students enrolled in Dr. Totzkay's "Comm & Health Disparities" course conduct research.

Identify a Health Disparity with CQ Researcher

CQ Researcher can be a helpful resource for you to identify a health disparity to research for your assignment.

  1. Navigate to CQ Researcher
  2. Select Browse CQR tab on the top menu
  3. Select the Health topic

  1. Select Content Available to Me under Quick FiltersSelect the Apply button at the bottom.

screenshot showing the "content available to me" filter applied

  1. Browse reports for topics of interest.
  2. Or search within "Health" topics for a subtopic. Do this by selecting Edit Search.

screenshot showing how to edit your search by subtopic

  1. Then input a keyword under Search TermsBrowse the results for reports that match keyword and are categorized as a health issue.

screenshot of edit search feature

Best Bets

Credo Reference

Before conducting in-depth research, it is important to gather information you have about your topic and consider what you still need to know. This can include key populationsdatesterminology, and names of persons/entities involved in the public health disparity you’re studying. Reference tools like dictionariesencyclopedias, and reference databases are useful for this preliminary research phase.