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Ask A Librarian

A Women and Gender Studies Library Guide

discover content by topic

explore gender databases

Explore gender studies databases

statistics and other quantitative data

other useful databases

Explore other useful databases

news, newspapers, and fact checking


Recommended news agencies online

These two sources are regularly at the top/center of the Media Bias Chart


Associated Press (AP) 

Search tips:

In Google  or can be more effective than a site's search box

With the site: feature and for news, try the state,  town, library, school, or book name, along with variations on banned books 

Investigate the source

  • Use lateral reading. You may learn about a website by leaving the site itself
    • Open multiple windows and do searches for the website's
      • reviews
      • publisher or organization
      • page author
      • topics or terms you are not familiar with
  • Seek and compare reports from multiple sources
  • Fact check statements when statements are made without citing a source and seek verification from multiple sources
  • Do you know the expertise and agenda of the source?

archives and other primary sources

where things live

Library materials are nested in containers

  • print materials are contained in shelves
  • shelves are contained in buildings 
illustration of the arrangement of electronic formats and records of printed materials in library containers


Map showing location of books about gender and sexuality in the Downtown Library

map to show women and gender studies book location